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We have a team of over 50 writers who are assigned tasks based on individual expertise. The backgrounds of our writers are varied, but we have everything from marketing copywriters, brand strategists, bloggers, travel writers, journalists and even some authors. Whatever you need, one of our ninja writers will have the experience and skill to take on the challenge.

We're all based in either the UK or US and are all English language natives.

Meet some of the writing crew

Claire Heginbotham
Claire Heginbotham

Claire is a dedicated travel copywriter traipsing the world and indulging in a devilishly fun digital nomad lifestyle.


Danai is an editor, writer and cat lady living in a small Swedish town. Her work usually resides at the intersection of pop culture, lifestyle and academic research, with a dash of nerd humor and a sprinkle of magical thinking. Off work, she struggles with film editing, vegan baking and getting cat hair off the couch.

Dani Mancini
Dani Mancini

Hi! I'm Dani, the founder and CEO of Scribly. You might see me pop up in the Knowledge Hub with my musings on running a business and setting up a content strategy that'll make your business soar. When I'm not doing that, I'm mostly enjoying long walks with my sassy little dog, Phoebe.

Duncan Elder
Duncan Elder

Duncan is a writer from the U.K. with experience helping businesses in various industries get found online. He now lives in South Korea, where he balances out copious amounts of Korean barbecue with a love of playing football.

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