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We have a team of over 50 writers who are assigned tasks based on individual expertise. The backgrounds of our writers are varied, but we have everything from marketing copywriters, brand strategists, bloggers, travel writers, journalists and even some authors. Whatever you need, one of our ninja writers will have the experience and skill to take on the challenge.

We're all English language natives living in a variety of places across the globe (meaning we can deliver work pretty much around the clock).

Meet some of the writing crew

Ales Danko
Ales Danko

Ales writes killer email copy to help increase sales while building brand loyalty at the same time. Trained by some of the best in the industry, Ales has all the copywriting techniques you need to make your email list work magic for your biz.

Austin Robinson
Austin Robinson

Austin Robinson writes about digital marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship, with a focus on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and email marketing. He previously worked as a project manager for Convert.com (a CRO SaaS startup) and as the lead copywriter for Panda Sunglasses (WearPanda.com), When he's not writing or veraciously seeking out new information about marketing strategies, he loves to travel, catch up with friends, and discover new genres of music.

Ben Burrell-Squires
Ben Burrell-Squires

Having worked in technical sales, marketing and management, Ben loves putting pen to paper on any of these topics and is an accomplished content creator and copywriter. Outside of work you’ll normally find him surrounded by his kids and dogs, probably in a field somewhere in Devon.

Claire Heginbotham
Claire Heginbotham

Claire is a dedicated travel copywriter traipsing the world and indulging in a devilishly fun digital nomad lifestyle.

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