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3 Ways To Create Killer Blog Titles To Improve Your CTR

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In this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about blog titles and CTR. Why a blog headline is important, and how to write content titles readers want to click on.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

But we’re all guilty of it, aren’t we?

Especially when surfing the web — visitors have really honed their radars, in order to deal with the barrage of marketing messages they encounter each day. 

In fact, it now takes as little as 2.7 seconds for someone to either latch on, or check out, of your online content.

With such a short window of engagement, how are you going to catch your readers’ attention?

Truth is, how you title your blog posts can be make or break for your content marketing strategy.

Get it right, and you’ve won yourself a new reader. Hello healthy click through rate!

Get it wrong, and that’s a massive wasted opportunity; research says that 80% of readers never make it past the headline.


In this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about blog titles and CTR. Why a blog headline is important, and how to write content titles readers want to click on.

Let’s go...

Be honest: how much time do you currently put into perfecting your blog post titles?

We get it, it can be a struggle to find a headline that does a stellar piece of content justice.

But really, blog titles are far more than the cherry on the cake. They are a reader’s first point of contact with your content, and they are absolutely integral to catching their attention and convincing them to click through.

And you don’t just have to take it from us – Peter Koechley, co-founder of viral content platform Upworthy knows the importance of an attention-grabbing headline:

“The difference between a good headline and a bad headline can be just massive. It’s not a rounding error. When we test headlines we see 20% difference, 50% difference, 500% difference. A really excellent headline can make something go viral.”

So if you want a slice of that viral pie, you’ve gotta nail your headlines, every time.

How to write effective headlines, to supercharge your click through rate

Let’s get down to it: what are the secrets to a seductive blog title?

Luckily, there seems to be a winning formula which the most clickable blog titles all share.

The three most important things to remember when writing a blog title, are:

1. Keep it snappy

Title length is super important, especially if you consider the 2.7 second rule mentioned earlier. 

But further research from the Content Marketing Institute says that slimming your headline down to 8 words can bring an impressive 21% increase in CTR.

(And, if you’re reading this: note how many words are in this blog’s title. It clearly works! 😉)

So when you’re writing your headlines, remember: the snappier, the better!

2. Focus on one main message

8 words isn’t a lot, is it? 

That’s why simplicity is key when it comes to blog titles.

By all means, you may explore various themes in the main body of your content. But your headline should rise above this all and focus in on one motivating message.

How will your reader benefit from clicking on your blogpost?

For example: does the article follow a ‘how to’ format? And if so, what can your audience expect to learn?

Is it ‘5 ways to improve…’ or ‘How to create…’?

If you try to squeeze too much into your headline, you’ll simply dilute your message.

Instead: select one key hook, which will help draw readers in.

CityCliq used this benefit-led approach in their headline copy and saw a 89% increase in customer sign-ups

We like those numbers!

3. Use intrigue to your advantage

How do you pique a reader’s interest? 

Give them a little nugget of info; a taster of what’s to come…

… but not too much.

Don’t give the game away in your blog title. You want them to want to read more.

Emotion is a great way to catch a reader’s attention, e.g. surprise, excitement, delight – CoSchedule found that titles with High Emotional Value are way more likely to be shared.

Some good examples of this, include: ‘You’ll laugh when you see…’ or ‘Need cheering up? This will…’.

But, if your content isn’t overly emotional – and, let’s face it… it’s not always appropriate to pull at the heartstrings – there are other ways to garner curiosity from your audience.

You’ll probably have noticed that a lot of blog articles have numbers in their titles, such as ‘7 affordable SEO tools you need to know about’ or – ahem – this one you’re reading now.

And that’s for good reason: studies have shown that including numbers in your blog titles can double your social shares and improve your CTR by 36%!


Respect your readers: they hate clickbait

So, there are a number of simple ways you can up the effectiveness of your blog titles.

But – and this is a big but – if you promise something in your headline, you’ve really gotta deliver.

Article headlines which over-inflate – or downright lie – about the content within, are referred to as clickbait.

Please, don’t let your articles become clickbait.

Not only are clickbait titles lazy, but they can be super damaging for your content strategy.

They attract the wrong audience, cause your bounce rate to skyrocket and will ultimately disappoint the readers who do click through.

A CTR-boosting headline doesn’t come easily. But it’s well worth the effort...

If you’re click through rates aren’t where you want them to be: is it time to rework your blog titles?

You really can’t underestimate the importance of crafting a strong headline – in fact, this writer thinks you should spend half the time it takes to write the content, just to land a good title!

But, if you’re struggling with your titles and don’t know what needs to change; let us help.

Get in touch today, to see how our expert writers can help transform your titles and get that CTR skyrocketing.

Or, play around with our new blog title generator, to get the ball rolling.

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