8 of the Best Podcasts for B2B Marketing in 2020

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B2B marketing podcasts are a quick, simple way to learn tips and tricks from seasoned experts. But with so many marketing podcasts out there, how do you know which are truly worth your time?

B2B marketing podcasts are a quick, simple way to learn tips and tricks from seasoned experts. You can listen while you’re on your way to work, doing chores around the house, or even while you work if you’re focusing on a task that doesn’t demand your full attention.

The point is: podcasts are super-accessible. But with so many marketing podcasts out there, how do you know which are truly worth your time?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to trawl through hundreds of podcasts yourself — join us as we explore eight of the best on offer instead.

1. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a B2B content marketing podcast every marketer has to listen to. It’s that simple. 

Copyblogger is a major resource for content marketers, providing a wealth of insightful articles and tips. And Copyblogger FM is just as valuable. 

Content-writer extraordinaire and Copyblogger co-founder Sonia Simone has served as the main host of Copyblogger FM for some time, though it’s undergone something of a revamp in recent months, bringing a range of different experts in to host. 

But no matter who’s at the microphone, Copyblogger FM is professional, well-produced, and concise. 

Sample episodes: 

  • What You Should Talk About On Your Podcast, with Tara McMullin
  • How to Turn Pro as a Freelance Writer
  • Consistency Will Take You Further 
  • Why the Future is Still Email 

2. Content Inc. 

Content Inc. has come to a close, but there are still 200 episodes to check out, each including a helpful lesson or takeaway.

Another must-listen for marketers, this B2B content marketing podcast is hosted by none other than Joe Pulizzi. As you may or may not know, Pulizzi founded the Content Marketing Institute, a renowned organization focusing on education and training for better content marketing. 

Pulizzi has authored more than his fair share of content about marketing, including multiple books, blog posts, and articles. In Content Inc., he showcases his vast hands-on experience and knowledge through anecdotes and discussions on lessons learned across his successful career so far. 

Sample episodes:

  • Your Content is Probably Not Very Good
  • Naming Your Content is Critical
  • Why Your Content Play Never Worked
  • Great Content Starts with Belief

3. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Marketing Podcast is a weekly B2B marketing podcast focusing on, as you might have guessed, marketing via social media.

There are around 400 episodes to choose from, each running around 45 minutes long. Social Media Marketing Podcast is hosted by Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner, and offers in-depth discussion on effective social media marketing strategies, actionable hints, and anecdotes to help marketers up their SMM game.

Stelzner interviews industry experts and those who put social media marketing to good use in diverse ways. The podcast covers effective content-creation techniques for engaging audiences on social media, too.

Sample episodes:

  • Messaging Matters: How to Attract Your Ideal Customers
  • YouTube Stories: Success Tips from a Top YouTuber
  • Social Media Content Strategy: How to Respond to a Changing Marketplace  
  • Creating Engaging Video Content that Spurs an Emotional Connection

4. Growth Byte

Growth Byte is a short, simple, eye-opening B2B content marketing podcast even the busiest marketer can fit into their schedule.

The podcast’s aim is to pick the most effective startup growth content available online and summarize it in a digestible way. Listening to Growth Byte will give you the core theme and takeaways of the content, without your having to read it yourself. Of course, you might want to check the original piece out to get a deeper insight, but Growth Byte is a great primer.

New episodes of Growth Byte drop every day, and they last just two or three minutes (roughly). They’re ideal if you want a quick dose of marketing advice but don’t necessarily have the time or brain-power to focus on an hour-long episode. 

Sample episodes:

  • 10 Growth Hacks that Take Less than 1 Hour to Implement
  • The Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing
  • Who’s Your Ideal Customer?
  • How to Write “Compelling” Copy When You Don’t Have an Audience

5. Marketing Over Coffee

You may have heard of Marketing Over Coffee. This is one of the most popular marketing podcasts online, hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, two marketing professionals with years of invaluable experience. 

Topics differ from one episode to the next, covering diverse subjects including the latest social media news, SEO, email marketing, content creation, and even offline marketing techniques. Wall and Penn often answer listener questions and interview experts in different marketing disciplines, too.

This B2B marketing podcast is designed to offer a concise, engaging experience, with around 20 minutes of informal chat in each episode. 

Sample episodes:

  • Learning Chat Marketing with Mike Yan
  • Michael Jamin on How Screenwriting Applies to Branding
  • Neuromarketing: Making the Subconscious Conscious
  • Talking Hospitality Marketing with French Fry Historian Rev Ciancio

6. Unthinkable 

Unthinkable is a B2B marketing podcast hosted by Jay Acunzo, a prolific author and keynote speaker whose career has encompassed roles at Google and HubSpot. This B2B content marketing podcast has earned praise from the likes of Entrepreneur, Salesforce, Inc., and more. 

In Unthinkable, Acunzo approaches marketing through an unconventional perspective, inviting people who take a ‘rebellious’ or ‘risky’ path to success to discuss their work. Episodes vary in length significantly, with some coming in at below 30 mins and others approaching one hour. 

There are more than 135 episodes of Unthinkable available to download to date, so you may find plenty of inspiration for your own content marketing in its archive.

Sample episodes:

  • 5 Small Ideas with Big Impact
  • Deconstructing the Art of the Interview
  • Creative Cafe: We All Write Menus
  • Stagnation is the Enemy

7. The Business of Story Podcast

Storytelling is key in successful content marketing. And this B2B marketing podcast is dedicated to that art, bringing listeners views, opinions, and advice from a vast mix of creators.

The Business of Story has featured screenwriters, marketers, content creators, advertising professionals, authors, and more. Each episode is hosted by Park Howell, a storytelling strategist and story coach with a passion for helping enterprises achieve maximum impact through well-crafted storytelling.

More than 235 episodes of The Business of Story are available to try. 

Sample episodes:

  • Evolutionary Storytelling: Beyond Us vs Them
  • How to Share a Healthy Brand Origin Story
  • How Your Purpose-driven Brand Story can Triple Your Growth
  • Peanut Butter and the Power of a Purposeful Brand Story

8. Marketing Smarts 

Last but not least, Marketing Smarts

This B2B marketing podcast comes from the MarketingProfs team, with a new 30-minute episode released every week. Listeners can expect to find regular in-depth interviews with marketers focusing on different sectors, giving you actionable advice to reinforce your own strategies.

Marketing Smarts is well worth a listen if you want to hear from professional marketers and learn new techniques. Around 50 episodes are available to date. 

Sample episodes:

  • How to Change Anyone’s Mind
  • How to Motivate Buyers in the Age of Infinite Media
  • How to Inspire People to Love Your Brand the Way They Love Harry Potter (or Starbucks or Disney or MarketingProfs)
  • Storytelling, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience … and You

Each of these B2B marketing podcasts offers real value in exchange for your time. You’ll learn how to expand your reach, target your ideal customer more accurately, boost visibility, and more lessons with the potential to translate into a bigger market impact. 

Dive into any or all of the podcasts we’ve picked to take your marketing to another level. 

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