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15 Of The Best Content Marketing Blogs - Where To Go To Learn About Content Marketing

In this article we've collected for you the best 15 content marketing blogs, where you can get utmost tips on writing and stay updated with the latest news in content marketing industry.

Content marketing moves fast. Sometimes it feels like every week there’s a new trend, a new strategy, or a new direction to head in, and staying on top of the latest news in this constantly evolving industry can leave your head spinning.

But being ahead of the curve when it comes to content marketing trends is essential for all digital marketers. So what do you need to do to keep up to date?

Enter content marketing blogs.

As you might imagine from an industry entirely dedicated to great writing, there are some amazing blogs out there from unbelievably talented writers, content marketers and industry insiders. 

Blog content from writing superstars and successful businesses can be immensely helpful for companies trying to work out whether content marketing is right for them, or for organizations and individuals who need to stay on the cutting edge.

But in an industry made up of writers, how do you know where to start?

There are, of course, absolutely loads of great blogs out there, but to really understand the landscape you need to read the best

So we decided to put together a list of the best content marketing blogs that you really must be reading if you want to keep up with the latest trends. 

Read on and discover what the best minds in content marketing are talking about!

15 best content marketing blogs

Scribly - Knowledge Hub

Look, obviously we are a tiny bit biased, but we really think that the Knowledge Hub at Scribly is one of the best resources for content marketing trends, as well as hacks, tricks and secrets that can supercharge your content and your marketing strategy. 

The Knowledge Hub offers a range of articles for marketers of all levels of experience, from long-form guides and serious strategy articles to personal blogs from founders and writers who’ve done things the hard way. 

Best of all, you can access free step-by-step downloads like this infographic on how to create content fast, and this 5 step content marketing checklist.

Scribly Knowledge Hub

Content Marketing Institute

One of the most comprehensive content marketing resources out there, the Content Marketing Institute has a vast library of articles, white papers, research and training materials covering almost every element of content marketing imaginable. 

The CMI is driven by its founder, Joe Pulizzi, who is an entrepreneur, a public speaker and an author of a number of renowned marketing books. For educational content it is hard to beat the wealth of resources that the CMI has to offer. 

Their white paper on content marketing templates, for example, is a toolkit that every content marketer should have to hand. 


Drift is the world’s number one conversational marketing platform, and their excellent blog is a friendly, easy-to-understand resource which sings the praises of conversational marketing and offers a slightly alternative take on traditional content marketing strategies.

They focus on interesting elements of content marketing, like neuromarketing and video, and take quite a strong stance on some of the sometimes overlooked elements of digital marketing, like LGBTQ representation and diversity. They also have some excellent recommendations when it comes to new tools and tactics.

We really like this recent post on integrating conversational marketing into your content and SEO efforts. It’s a great combo of tips and tricks combined with a solid backing of stats, analytics and graphical proofs that ends up being extremely persuasive.


Clickz is well known as one of the biggests resources for marketing professionals in general, and has an excellent content marketing section which is well worth paying attention to. 

They have good stuff across the board, and are particularly useful when it comes to pieces on the future of content marketing, and the overlap with technology and innovation.

The main aim of Clickz is to make interactive marketers better at their jobs, and it is a fantastically useful place for news, comments and relevant insights. We love their take on the future, which is summed up brilliantly in this piece on what content marketing is going to look like in the coming years.

Inside Intercom

Intercom are another conversational marketing company, dealing in an automated business messenger product, who have an excellent and insightful blog which is perfect for content marketing managers. 

Their content is largely aimed at content marketing teams looking for an edge, or content managers trying to find more efficient ways of working, and it includes some excellent thoughts about customer service and support as well.

We love the look and feel of the Inside Intercom blog, and they’ve been proactive in providing thoughtful, supportive advice during the recent global upheavals, like this blog post on the importance of maintaining a focus on customers even in tough times.

Marketing Agency Insider

Put together and run by Ohio-based inbound marketing agency and PR firm PR 2020, Marketing Agency Insider provides clear and effective advice for anyone working in the marketing industry. There’s great info about every aspect of marketing, and its content marketing section is rich with guidance and tips for marketers looking to really get to grips with the industry.

They work with freelancers and solo entrepreneurs all the time, and some of the most valuable content on the blog is produced by guest authors, like this piece on the importance of creating great customer personas. 

Hubspot - Inbound Hub

Hubspot is an industry Goliath, so it’s no wonder they have one of the most detailed sites when it comes to inbound marketing. Their Inbound Hub provides a wealth of expert advice on using content successfully as part of your inbound marketing efforts.

Their articles are almost all geared towards providing practical, actionable advice, making it as easy as possible for marketers to apply the guidance to their work. There are some brilliant, in-depth articles on the more complex elements of marketing, but we really like the simplicity of their posts like ‘How to write a blog post: a step-by-step guide’, which are really useful for marketers at every level.

Hubspot Inbound Hub

Ann Handley

From marketing organizations and agencies to individual experts - Ann Handley is a bestselling author, a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur, and the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, and as a result her thoughts and insights into the industry are invaluable.

As a seriously accomplished writer, her posts are a joy to read, and she provides a fantastic perspective into the more creative, storytelling side of content marketing.

We particularly like her piece about the influence of your own mood on your writing, particularly as it advises you to ‘write your face off when you are mad’, which sounds like a great idea and loads of fun!


Another offering from a top expert in the marketing industry, Grow is an award-winning blog written by Mark Schaeffer, a globally-recognized keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, and author.

Mark’s blog is particularly interested in the intersection of technology, humanity and marketing, and has a very strong focus on ROI, whether from the perspective of profit, reputation or benefit for mankind, which adds a different level of depth to many of his posts.

In our opinion, his most interesting posts are the ones that speculate about the future of content marketing, like this one on when interactive content will finally hit the mainstream.


CMSWire focuses strongly on the more technical side of content marketing, which makes it perfect for great writers who need to understand the nuts and bolts of applying their skills more effectively. 

This is a great resource for finding out more about things like digital customer experience management and content management systems, as well as learning about how AI and software innovation can impact on content marketing strategies. 

They aren’t just pushing new tech though, as shown in this article about when ‘add-ons’ can actually end up creating more work for your business.


Relevance is a newcomer to the content marketing scene, and their blog is quite niche, focusing strongly on content promotion and distribution, but it is a vital read for any marketers interested in this area. This is a great resource for anyone looking to step up their promoted content, or considering working with influencers.

Their recent article on the best content marketing tools to try in 2020 offered some great recommendations for new tech tactics, as well as different ways of using classic tools like Google Analytics and Wordpress. 

Relevance Content Marketing Blog

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is another quite specific blog, concentrating on, you guessed it, social media marketing! It is described as ‘the largest social media magazine’, and they really know their stuff. 

Content marketing on social media can be tricky, and requires some specific tactics and strategies that some content marketers aren’t always fully up to speed on, so this is the perfect place to level up your social media strategies.

They post advice for stepping up your content game across all social media platforms from Instagram to Linkedin, and have some really excellent advice for smaller businesses, like this piece on how to grow a sustainable, organic following on Facebook.

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen comes with a compelling backstory and a seriously impressive professional history, with experience at some of the world’s top brands and businesses including Citibank, Bertelsmann, and The Economist. Her blog is chock full of insider knowledge and directly applicable advice across the content marketing spectrum, and is a must for anyone wanting the inside track from someone who’s pretty much done it all before.

We love her mini-series of blogs on marketing lessons from your parents, in particular this piece on what you can learn about social media from your mom. 

Heidi Cohen Content Marketing Blog

Duct Tape Marketing

A fantastic resource for small business owners or marketers working for SMEs, Duct Tape Marketing provides tactics, strategies and guidance designed specifically to ensure success for smaller organizations. 

There are articles relating to all aspects of marketing, but their content marketing section is particularly noteworthy, with some superb pieces on strategy, SEO and keyword research.

They also produce a series of podcasts, all of which are available on the blog, which is a nice touch and makes the site even more engaging.

Visual Contenting

Of course, content marketing isn’t just about the written word. Visual appeal is an enormous element of successful content marketing, and telling a story through attractive visuals can be one of the most effective ways of engaging an audience. For marketers looking to understand where to start with visual content, Visual Contenting is a really helpful resource.

As you might expect, the site is full of brilliant video tutorials, infographics and visually arresting presentations, but there are a whole load of excellent blogs too. This piece on the power of connecting with your audience in the beauty industry is particularly powerful. 

Dive into these content marketing blogs, and enjoy! 

Knowing when to look for help, guidance and support can be the difference between success and failure in any industry, and particularly in one as fast moving and innovative as content marketing. These blogs are the perfect way to stay in touch with the ever-changing nature of content marketing, and ensure that you are always up to speed with the latest tools, tactics and tricks that will get you, your brand and your business noticed. 

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