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Content Marketing Tips for Realtors

The fact that our world now revolves around digital media, technology, and social networking brings real estate investors and real estate agents a bunch of content marketing opportunities. Read on to find out the best types of content marketing for real estate professionals, the best ways to use them, and some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

There’s been drastic change in the real estate industry the past few years, and with that we’ve seen a ton of new opportunities too. The fact that our world now revolves around digital media, technology, and social networking brings real estate investors and real estate agents a bunch of content marketing opportunities.

Read on to find out the best types of content marketing for real estate professionals, the best ways to use them, and some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Plan and track your content marketing goals

The first thing to do is set measurable goals and have a way to track your progress. Be precise and detailed. Simply wishing for more engagement is too vague; be specific in your goals.

For example, “10% increase in traffic on my website in 1 month.” Keep track of your results with analytic tools such as Google Analytics so you can understand (based on data) out what works and what doesn’t.

In order to determine the resources you’ll need, consider things like your budget, time requirements, if you’re working within a team or are a solo agent, and if it’ll have an impact on your marketing strategy.

Cultivate and build your brand

With thousands of real estate professionals out there competing for similar clientele, it’s essential you find a way to make yourself stand out. One of the best ways to do this is with your branding.

Make your content unique, emphasize you/your company’s strengths, highlight what makes you special and project that into your work, your brand. Be distinct and authentic in your content. Investors are more likely to respect your content if they feel you’re authentic and trustworthy.

It’s not enough to simply “create content”

If the content you produce has no engagement or doesn’t have any signs of improving your business, you’re wasting your time and money. When planning your content it’s therefore important to recognise your strengths and delegate your time wisely.

If writing isn’t your strong suit or you’re not too confident with Photoshop, invest in writers, graphic designers or editors who’ll be able to craft the engaging, clickable content you want so you can focus your time and attention on the things you’re best at instead.

What kind of content should you produce as a realtor?

Content is creative and diverse and can be expressed in lots of different ways: commercials, articles, infographics, newsletters, there’s tons. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can use them all!  Written, audio or video; your content matrix can be a combination of different mediums that work together to get fantastic results.

Written content marketing for realtors

With written content there are many types to choose from: tutorials, blog posts, reports, guides. The type that is most suitable for your brand will depend on your desired outcome.

  • Blog posts are great for their versatility; they can provide lots of different uses depending on what they’re about. Blog posts help provide solutions to client problems, create more traffic with SEO, or help build company reputation. You can make them short and succinct, or detailed and comprehensive. They can also be shared and linked on social media which creates more organic traffic.
  • Email marketing is an amazing form of content marketing for real estate agents and investors. The value of a loyal and interactive email list are endless; you can keep your clients up to date with your company and also have a direct link with those most interactive and interested in your services.

    For effective email marketing consider the content that would make a potential real estate customer sign up for an email subscription. What value can you offer that will persuade people to trust you and send them information direct to their inbox?

    When you have a built up list of clients on your email list, begin to trial different types of email copy.Divide your email list up and send a different newsletter to each group, then track interaction and any differences to figure out the effects of your marketing.

Visual content marketing for realtors

Graphic content will always have their place in real estate marketing; but many realtors don’t take advantage of them to their full potential. Infographics for example can be an extremely versatile and powerful tool if used properly. They have the ability to simplify and summarize complex data, compare information and establish trends.

For example, reports can be a vital resource for real estate professionals ---they’re often packed full of useful sets of data customers. That being said, reports quickly become useless if they’re so  complicated the average person doesn’t even attempt to read them.

Using infographics can make complicated data easy to understand and gives customers a quick summary of the content without them having to read every single word. The key to making a good infographic is to know your audience.

Find a quote or statistic that’ll help to support or summarize a piece of information you know your audience will be interested in. Find out what aggravates your customers about the buying process, what parts of it they find difficult to understand and show them the solution in your content. When you do this you’ll have created content that has  provided value and service to your clients.

Video Content Marketing for Realtors

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video up to 150-200 words/min depending on the speaker. Only a few years ago video content was seen as something costly and time consuming, but nowadays it’s the opposite.

Today you can create 1080p HD quality at 60 fps on most smartphones, and video marketing has been shown to increase engagement of potential buyers by up to 60%. Video marketing allows real estate professionals to really get personal and present themselves and their properties in innovative ways.

Video Marketing Statistics

  • Every week around 78% of individuals watch videos while around 55% view videos on daily basis. (HubSpot)
  • Videos will make up over 80% of all online buyer traffic by the end of 2020. (Cisco)
  • After Google, YouTube enjoys the most number of online traffic. (Alexa)
  • A video of 1 minute has around 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)
  • Around 59% of administrators say they prefer watching a video rather than reading . (WordStream)

Here are some creative ways real estate professionals can use video marketing:

  • Using drones to more accurately portray space and property depth.
  • Video testimonials with previous sellers and buyers.
  • Filming the surrounding neighbourhood so buyers get a full depiction of the area.

For content marketing to be successful it should be viewed as a tool to bring value to customers. Allow your marketing plans time. While some people see overnight success with a blog post, the majority steadily build up their engagement over time with consistency and strong content.

Quality real estate content will create a higher perception of your level of service and will cultivate an authentic and trusting relationship with potential clients.

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