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How Your Startup Blog could Create up to 55% More Traffic 😮

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When it comes to a startup’s content marketing plan, one thing is for sure: blogging should be a part of it.

When it comes to a startup’s content marketing plan, one thing is for sure: blogging should be a part of it.

From establishing your brand as an industry thought leader, to generating a ton more traffic, or attracting more client leads, your startup blog is the ultimate content marketing weapon.

So yes, it really is worth the effort. And yet, this weapon is frequently completely unused — or under-utilized.

But we understand; there are many reasons why you may not have started blogging yet. Perhaps you don’t have the time. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable creating content and you’re having trouble finding affordable copywriting. Perhaps you are unsure what your blog should even be about.

(Perhaps you’re even unsure of what your content marketing plan should look like, full stop! If so, we offer some useful tips here.)

While these are all valid reasons to stall on your blogging strategy, you should take a moment to look at the data.

We’ve gathered some stats, to help you understand exactly why your startup should jump on the blogging train.

Ready to change your mind?

One of the first rules of content marketing: go where your audience is

Well, the audience is reading blogs. 346 million people all around the globe are doing so — that would be 77% of all internet users! Not adding a blog to your startup website means missing the chance to be discovered by a vast, knowledge-hungry audience.

Content marketing will help establish you within your industry

Blogging is a useful business tool; whether you’re just starting out and craving for more visibility, or have been around for some time and learned valuable lessons along the way

Among the bloggers who maintain a blog for business, 71% claim it has increased their visibility within their industry, and 15% say it has helped them establish their company as a thought leader.

Why shouldn’t that be you?

More inbound links + more indexed pages = increased traffic generation

The data here paints a clear picture. On average, blogging brings 55% more visitors to your website, creates 97% more inbound links (which cost 62% less than outbound links) and 434% more indexed pages.

The more indexed pages you have (blogging is a great way to create them) the more traffic generation increases. Put simply: a blog brings potential customers your way.

And that increase is scalable.

Writing 21 posts can increase your traffic by 30%; writing more than 52 blog posts can increase that number to 77%. Once you reach 300 indexed pages, you can expect to see an increase in traffic of 236%. Yup.

However, always be mindful of the content you’re creating. Churning out reams of content, just for the sake of it, isn’t a savvy strategy at all; remember to prioritise quality over quantity.

It’s a win, regardless of your company type

81% of people said that their blog has been either useful or, in fact, critical for the success of their business. And that applies to all kinds of companies.

For small business, blogging brought 126% more lead growth (compared to SBs who didn’t blog). For B2B marketing, blogging generated 67% more leads on a monthly basis. And for B2C companies, that number was even bigger: 88% more monthly leads.

Aren’t you curious how this can translate to your business?

Content marketing is (still) the future

Many of us believed that the blogging trend would wither away around the late ‘00s. And yet here we are; it’s 2019, and people are still into it.

Perhaps it’s because blogging, even within a business context, has a personal element which makes it more authentic.

But the why is not so important. All you need to know is: 89% of companies think that in five years time, blogging will be even more important than it is now. Especially with the rise of voice search.

Sounds like a sound investment to your startup’s future

Are you still unsure?

We get it. Content marketing is a resource intensive task. With all the other things to think about, finding the time to write is hard.

If you’re struggling for resources, you can always let Scribly take care of all your blogging needs: our team of talented, professional writers can work their magic on your brand, and keep your startup blog running smoothly.

Affordable copywriting + zero stress = exactly what you need in order to scale your business and keep creating great products and services.


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