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If there’s one thing we know at Scribly, it’s the importance of good content writing! And with 30 writers around the world, we’re here to make your brand shine. Find out more about our team and how we work with clients.

Back in the day, it was enough to share simple blog posts and quick social media updates. But now that we live in a world of mystical algorithms and SEO keywords, content strategies need to be updated accordingly.

Well-crafted copy is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and it’s important to do it right. We craft content that stands out from the crowd, that makes you memorable, and drives traffic, leads, and conversions.

Scribly’s service isn’t just about writing. We work closely with you to craft a killer content strategy that’s completely personalised based on your audience and targets. We know exactly the types of content needed to reach your audience, and we’ll work together to make it happen. 

Once we nail a content plan, then it’s time to produce the goods and share it on your channels. As part of our service we also monitor the performance of the content and make data-driven changes as we see fit –– it’s all about making sure you succeed! Thanks to the ever-changing online landscape, you can’t just set-and-forget when it comes to content. That’s why we always refer to your content strategy as a living, breathing document.

At Scribly, we’ve got a cracking team of over 30 writers and editors, based around the world, who help bring your content to life. Our writers have been vetted to make sure they’ll deliver stellar, sparkling content –– we couldn’t do it without them!

Each of our writers has a specific niche and skill set they work within, so whatever our customers need, chances are we can deliver.

Our wonderful writers are overseen by our core team, Lauren, Lorna, and Alex.


I’m Scribly’s CEO, but in a small team like ours my day-to-day tasks cover a little bit of everything. I’m our finance department, a one-woman hiring team, an account manager for our clients, a content strategist, an editor, and even a content writer myself from time to time! But mostly I’m all about making sure to maintain the Scribly quality that our clients know and love.

I trained as a copywriter at university then worked as a brand consultant for household names like Disney, Unilever, The UN and Jägermeister. I’ve also got a MA in Enterprise & Business Creation.

My favourite thing about Scribly is that we help brands, big and small, find their voice. It sounds cheesy but I really am passionate about creative communication. I love helping brands build themselves up and carve out their identity. I’m a huge perfectionist — sometimes to my own detriment — but it does mean that I make sure we maintain a high level of excellence in our work.

Mainly, I feel super lucky that I work in a business where I'm exposed to so many different products and USPs all the time. It’s cool to be able to work with clients from industries I have little experience with, especially because I know that someone in our diverse writing team will be an expert and can teach me a thing or two.

Outside of work I can be found struggling with headstands on a yoga mat or browsing charity shops for things my flat really doesn't need (but does). I used to make my own sustainable jewellery too, and I’m hoping to get back into it when I’ve got more time.


I’m Scribly’s Content Planning and Agency Lead.  

I spend a lot of time coming up with fresh content ideas and strategies for our clients. I look after SEO, keyword research and ideation of topics. And as Agency Lead, I take care of our agency clients, making sure we’re always totally on top of their needs.

‍Over my career I’ve worked mainly in digital marketing and campaign management across a broad spectrum of industries –– health, tech, charities and communities, arts, and tourism. One thing I love about Scribly is that all our writers have different interests and knowledge bases, so I can be confident our clients are getting content from people who know their stuff. 

My background means I have a lot of insider knowledge about how agencies operate and run, which is how I came to be Scribly’s Agency Lead. Having worked on both sides, I know how to balance everyone’s needs. 

When I’m not working, I’m probably watching a murder mystery or obscure documentary - always fun to learn about something new! I love baking too –– vegan cakes are my current obsession –– and recently I’ve been trying to get back into rollerblading. I saw the teens doing it on TikTok and my love for it was re-sparked!


I'm a Content Assistant at Scribly. I’ve worked as a fundraiser, in events, and eventually marketing and social media. Meanwhile my background is in International Business and Spanish, and Nutrition and Health –– I’ve covered a lot of ground!

Having worked in a number of roles and industries has given me a pretty well-rounded view of a number of different sectors, it’s safe to say that I can really think outside the box when it comes to content strategy. 

I have a ton of experience with social media, content creation and copywriting, and my greatest strength is probably my ability to multitask. In our line of work, that’s pretty essential, and I’m confident juggling multiple projects at once. 

The one thing my friends all know about me is that I am obsessed with all things food. Whether that’s trying to make fresh pasta from scratch, or discovering new hidden restaurants in Copenhagen where I’m based, I’m at my happiest with a great dish in front of me. 

I also love working out (it’s all about balance, right?), and always feel best after a run or great gym session. Being in Europe I’m lucky enough to be able to travel as much as possible, even if it’s just getting away for the weekend. 

At Scribly, we’re passionate about creating great, engaging content, and helping brands find their voice. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you in the world of content marketing. 

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