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How do you craft content that stands out from the crowd? And what makes content a successful driver of traffic, leads and conversions? Who better to ask than our very own team? Here’s what they had to say…

Content marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy. And there’s no end of stats to prove it.

  • Businesses that use content marketing have average conversion rates six times higher than those that don’t.
  • According to the Semrush 2021 content marketing survey, businesses are allocating more budget than ever to content marketing efforts.
  • Two thirds of consumers say content marketing is “useful and valuable”.

But what makes great content?

Who better to ask than our very own team? Here’s what they had to say…


What’s your role at Scribly?

I’m Scribly’s CEO so I’m involved in our content marketing production from top to bottom. I’m an account manager, a content strategist, an editor, and even a content writer myself from time to time! 

Most importantly, I champion the Scribly quality that our clients know and love.

What makes awesome content?

My first introduction to content marketing was through a brand-building lens. My BA degree was in Copywriting and, after graduating, I went straight into the world of advertising communications and brand consultancy.

That’s why I think tone of voice and personality are essential for an excellent piece of content marketing. Every touchpoint in your product or service journey is a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience.

Content isn’t just a collection of words churned out to keep your website up to date — they’re mini brand platforms that should entertain, inspire, educate and keep readers coming back for more.

Give us an example…?

First up, The Hustle newsletter is hands down one of the best examples of copywriting and content marketing around today. It provides succinct, irreverent business news in its own inimitable way.

I’ll be honest — I don’t always get a chance to open and peruse those newsletters. But when I scanned through the January 7th, 2021 edition, it was Noom’s little content titbit that caught my eye.

Noom’s content manages to be funny, provocative and useful — all in just a few short paragraphs. From a formatting point of view, the bullets and subheadings help focus a reader’s flitting attention too. 

(And yes, before you ask: I did sign up to the 7-day trial of Noom! And still use it today.)

Where do you go for the latest content marketing inspo and insights?

I suffer from an ‘always on’ mind-set so I find myself picking up inspiration for content marketing (and specific clients) pretty much anytime I open LinkedIn, Instagram or the news.

Particular sites I love include Harvard Business Review (always on point for matters impacting all sectors of business) and the Moz blog (I like their straight-talking SEO info, perfect for someone who has come into the industry via a creative, rather than a technical, pathway).


What’s your role at Scribly?

It’s my job to ensure that new clients partnering with Scribly get all the info they need and understand why we’re the best fit for their content marketing needs. Or, to put it another way, sales!

If you come to us looking for a long-term, strategic, marketing partnership, I’m likely to be the first Scribly team member you meet.

What makes awesome content?

The question of what differentiates downright awesome content from stuff that’s simply “good” comes up a lot in my chats with our clients. For me, it’s the added value you get from working with a truly great partner.

We’re not just talking topical, relevant and SEO-friendly content (although all of that stuff is important). What it really comes down to is engagement

How much will a reader enjoy the process of reading your content? And how keen will they be to interact with that content, by liking, sharing or commenting.

That’s the secret sauce — the extra reach, the lasting impression it leaves on your readers, the marginal but vital conversion rate gains. And that’s the kind of content you get working with writers like ours.

Give us an example…?

If you want a crash course in engaging content, look no further than Eddie Shleyner of verygoodcopy.com. Eddie’s content is targeted at fellow copywriters looking for tips to up their game. And he caters for them to a tee.

The “micro-articles” on his website and in his newsletter are super concise — a couple of hundred words, maybe. But they all offer an entertaining, enlightening and pretty darn useful content writing fable. They’re a joy to read! Check out one of his latest, offering insights into Marketing & Reciprocity.

Where do you go for the latest content marketing inspo and insights?

I love keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of content marketing. One of the best ways to do that (aside from Eddie’s newsletter which I strongly recommend) is by listening to The Authority Hacker Podcast, hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

Come for Gael’s dulcet tones. Stay for the wide range of topics these guys cover in and around content marketing!


What’s your role at Scribly?

I’m Scribly’s Content Planning and Agency Lead.  

The Content Planning bit means coming up with content ideas and strategy for our clients. I look after the SEO, keyword research and ideation of topics.

And as Agency Lead, I take care of our agency clients, making sure we’re always totally on top of their content needs.

What makes awesome content?

Awesome content is all about creating something that resonates with your audience. It’s the absolute worst when I receive an email not tailored to my likes, irritations, hopes and dreams. (Am I asking for too much? I think not!)

Creating content that’s relatable tells a reader that you know and understand them. And that your product or service is uniquely positioned to solve their problem.

The very best content is also crafted in an interactive way. It’s the perfect marriage of creativity and analytics (for which I am a diehard stickler). Only when you see what’s working, and what isn’t, can you truly master your content marketing game.

Give us an example…?

One tool we’ve been trying out recently here at Scribly is Loom. You might have heard of it: it’s a super handy video solution that lets you record messages to share with your colleagues (or anyone else for that matter).

The content that sits on their homepage is a perfect example of succinct, relevant copy. It tells me exactly what Loom does, a bit about its capabilities, and how it’s going to solve my problems, all before I scroll to the bottom of the page.

Where do you go for the latest content marketing inspo and insights?

As Scribly’s resident SEO expert, I love to keep up with the latest in the SEO world. I regularly visit the Semrush blog, which offers super digestible content and incredibly useful SEO updates.

I also cannot go a single week without nipping over to Austin Kleon’s site (a recommendation from our founder, Dani). Austin offers curated recommendations for all forms of content — books, essays, podcasts, films, illustrations… It’s a real treat for anyone who likes to dip into a wide range of cultural content.

What’s next for your content?

If you’re struggling to turn meh content into something truly awesome (and effective), the Scribly team can help! We can develop and deliver a content marketing strategy that will boost traffic, generate leads and grow your business.

Get in touch today to find out more.  

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