The One Copywriting Trend You Need To Know About For 2020

At Scribly, we’re predicting that 2020 will be characterised by conversational copywriting. Read to know why brands need to take this trend seriously.

  1. Introduction
  2. SERP ZERO (and how to write for it)
  3. Voice Powered Search
  4. Next Gen Chatbots

The One Copywriting Trend You Need To Know About For 2020



Content marketing is predicted to be the most commercially impactful advertising approach for the third year running. So if you’ve not at least started thinking about your 2020 content marketing strategy, then it’s time to get cracking! 

But between pillar content plans, social media schedules, evergreen blog posts and SEO copywriting skills... it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. 

What is the right content marketing approach for your business? Where should you invest your digital marketing spend, to see the best ROI? Which copywriting trends and techniques will really matter in the coming months?

That’s why we want to cut to the chase; to make it simple for brands, businesses and other content marketers to plan for 2020. Because there’s one major trend that will be important to get right, no matter which content channels you’ll be advertising in. In this ebook, we reveal our top predictions for the major copywriting trends that are set to change the playing field in 2020.

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