The 10 Fundamental Elements Of Gold-Standard Headline Copy

In this ebook, we break down the 10 fundamental elements of a successful blog headline, with 53 examples of killer headline copy to get you started.

The 10 Fundamental Elements Of Gold-Standard Headline Copy



Chapter 1: Use Trigger Words

The most effective headlines include key, trigger words that make us click. These are words that will make any passive scroller stop what they’re doing and jump right into your article.

Think words like ‘Transform’, ‘Amazing’, ‘More’, ‘Mind-blowing’, ‘Need’.

But also some more specific vocabulary, like ‘Convert’, ‘Proven’ and ‘Free’.

These are all words that make us feel something — and that’s the key.

Whether they help create excitement or a sense of urgency, these are the words that should underpin the entire feeling of your article.

Just remember to keep it relevant to your target market.

If you’re targeting business owners, then ‘Convert’ is your go-to; and if you’re targeting bargain-hunters, ‘Free’ should do the trick.

Here are a few example headlines to get you started:

  • Mind Blowing Life Hacks You’ll Never Want To Live Without
  • How To Transform Your Skin In Seconds
  • How To Convert Your Blog Readers Into Revenue
  • Proven Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep
  • How To Get A Restaurant Meal For Free
  • 9 Amazing Signs You’re In Love

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