The Challenge

Defining your core brand messaging can be a total mare, especially for businesses in a specialist industry 😥

When new MarTech startup Canton Marketing Solutions needed help to transform their value prop into compelling copy for a non-technical audience, we help the team to do just that.

The Solution

Over 48 hours, Scribly got to work to define Canton’s offering into a short, snappy info sheet.

Copywriter Lauren Bennett did an amazing job of creating a friendly and relaxed brand tone of voice. By transforming a typically rigid info-sheet structure into a conversational flow, Lauren created a brand document that feels like having a conversation with the founding team themselves.

The Result

The project was a huge success  - happy clients, killer copy 🙌🏼 Take a look at where we got to with this fab project right here.

"We are all really impressed with your work. It has a very personal and welcoming tone which think suits us down to the ground. It also makes some industry jargon very accessible without losing any of the detail we put in. We have been delighted to work with Scribly. The quality of copy writing in a specialist area has been exceptional. Equally you have been amazing to deal with and have provided us with a real cost and time saving on getting our work out in the world."

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