The client

Dominic Traynor is the CEO of LitFilmFest - an EdTech startup that’s digitizing primary literacy learning through video.

When Dominic was approached by Bloomsbury Publishing to write a comprehensive analysis of the need for education innovation, he reached out to Scribly to produce high-quality articles based on the latest writing and research.

Here’s what we did...

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing any company looking to produce content at scale is time. Not only the time to actually produce the work itself, but also the time to research and analyse information that already exists about the given topic.

That’s precisely the predicament Dominic found himself in.

Faced with the task of producing 15 essay-style introductions on a range of themes relating to society and education, he enlisted Scribly to take ownership of the task of producing 15 reports to act as chapter introductions for his book.

The solution

Using a combination of Google Sheets and Trello, we set up a fully managed content production process to provide Dominic with all the content needed.

Our team of analytical writers approached the task in 2 phases:

  1. Read and analyse the latest writing on the topic at hand
  2. Condense that (often meaty and academic) writing down into a digestible ‘state of the nation’ report.  

The outcome

5 expert writers produces 15 essays totalling over 22,500 words in just 4 weeks. This work will now be published in a printed book.

Better still, Dom was able to deliver on his publishing deadlines without stress or delay, despite being a busy CEO of a super successful EdTech startup.

“It has been a totally stress-free way to get high quality content without having to place added pressure on my core team. It's brilliant to get notifications of work done and it's so easy to make suggestions to tailor the work to what I need. It's taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders.”

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